iPads @ Manorvale Primary School

Digital Technologies / iPad Program

August 2021


Manorvale students use the internet and digital technologies as teaching and learning tools. We see the internet and digital technologies as valuable resources, but acknowledge they must be used responsibly.


Students have access to computers in the Lab and undertake lessons covering the Digital Technologies curriculum.


Students have access to iPads across the school. Prep to Grade 6 students have access to school iPads in a shared class trolley. All students may bring their own iPad as long as their parents have signed the school Acceptable Use Agreement (AUA). Many students received ipads at the end of 2020 in recognition of the time spent in Remote learning.


Which iPad for 2021?  

Points to consider when purchasing an iPad for Manorvale’s Digital Technologies curriculum in 2021.

 Requirements for school 

The School Council has decided upon a parent purchased iPad program topped up with minimum ipads to share via Class trolleys. There is no leasing arrangement. The school-based requirements take into account the best options for your initial purchase to attempt to ensure the iPad lasts to 2-3 years. Of course, with technology changing so rapidly we cannot guarantee this. 


iPad or iPad Mini 

The full-sized iPad provides plenty of screen space for work and the mini suits smaller hands but is still popular. with students across the school. Both the iPad mini and iPad will perform well in the classroom. The school will support either purchase; try one in the store and see which you prefer. 

We will also fully support an iPad Pro should you wish to purchase this model. Storage Space
We would strongly encourage you to purchase a 32GB model or larger. 

Each Operating System as the iPads progress gets larger and eats into the storage space.
As soon as students start to work with graphics, sound and movies the space will quickly be used, Whilst we will provide storage for student’s work, we believe the larger size will make for a more enjoyable experience over the two to three years. 


Wi-Fi or Cellular 

You only need a Wi-Fi model, the iPad will be connected to the school Wi-Fi network making the iPad fully functional without the need for cellular. Students will access a filtered internet service while at school. 

The DET filtered service via iiNet provides a modified and filtered service ensuring a safer learning environment while students are learning the keys to being safe online. 

You may, of course, purchase a cellular model if it suits your requirements, but it will be limited to wi-fi only use at school. 


A Cover 

All iPads MUST have a cover. There are many covers available but the cover must have the hard plastic comers to comply with school requirements. A clear screen cover will also protect the glass. 



Technical specifications and official Apple prices are listed in their Compare the iPad pages on their website 


The current models include the iPad Mini and the iPad. 

An official Apple Reseller should also offer the option of an AppleCare warranty program. 

By all means, shop around but make sure the supplier will provide technical support and have the ability to repair iPads should anything go wrong. 



You may also need to consider adding the iPad to your Home and Contents insurance policy or a specific insurance policy you take out on the iPad as it will not be covered by DET insurance. Loss or breakage will not be covered by the school. 


Financial Assistance 

There is financial assistance up to $500 available through The Smith Family saverplus program. Contact the Office for a brochure and further details or call 1300 610 355 or email save1plus@bsl.org.au 


August 2021