Child Safe Standards

Child safety includes matters related to protecting all children from child abuse, managing the risk of child abuse, providing support to a child at risk of child abuse, and responding to suspicions, incidents, disclosures or allegations of child abuse.


Manorvale Primary School has taken deliberate steps to create an environment where children are safe and feel safe.

We aim to:

  • promote safety and wellbeing
  • prevent harm
  • empower everyone to speak up, and
  • respond effectively to concerns

Our school has policies, strategies and practices to prioritise the safety of students. Our school also has processes in place to respond to and report all allegations of child abuse. Ministerial Order 1359 sets the framework for child safety in schools.


Highlighted Child Safe Policies

Child Safety Policy

Child Safety Code of Conduct

Child Safety and Reporting Obligations


For all our school policies please go to our 'Policies' page